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EAGAR/ERTRAC workshop 4 October 2010

"Road Transport Research in Europe - En route to a more Efficient Transport System. Vision, Strategic Research Agenda and National Automotive Research Plans"

At this workshop in Aachen (Germany), ERTRAC presented its vision and renewed strategic research agenda aiming at "a 50% more efficient European road transport system by 2030". Furthermore, the objectives, national programmes and structures for automotive research funding in a global perspective, as identified in the project EAGAR European Assessment of Global Publicly Funded Automotive Research have been presented and discussed.

Presentation ERTRAC (PDF, 6MB) (by Prof. Wolfgang Steiger, Sylvain Haon, Helene Niklasson, Dr. Kenneth Rose, Gianfranco Burzio and Gloria Pellischek)

Presentation EAGAR (PDF, 6MB) (by Alexander Holleis, Ed Bower and Fabian Schmitt)